It's another Carmel piece, just sayin. I wrote a song for her once at her request like a year ago so why not again? Also it's been a while since I was active. Crit for crit methinks. If I forget, my bad.



Ever since I met you
Your colors seemed to change
From a dark green
To light blue
Your avatar's insane
The good insane, not the Charles Manson insane

Your eye changed colours
That's colors with a U
Although I am American
I spell it like you do

Now it burns with brightness
Intensity at the Iris
It must have been time for change
At least, that's my guess

I recall your last gift
A forum full of llama
Oh was a Christmas day that was
You did more than Obama

We got llamas before a drum forum
No president did that
Even if he ran UG
We need a forum for cats

Put that in your suggestion box please
And make the next christmas day
The best that UG's ever had
That's all I gotta say