So I have been playing my MIM tele a lot recently since I felt that the LP I was playing wasn't cutting it for what tones I wanted. I love the bridge tone on the tele, it really has that gritty crunch when run though some gain and its great for some standout lead riffs.

My problem is with the neck pickup. I want to be able to use it for some really nice smooth clean tones, but it seems like it is lacking. To me it sounds like it wants to be one of the humbuckers from the LP, but it doesn't have the same depth, not to mention that isn't what I am looking for.

Can anyone suggest a pickup to check out that would give my tele neck position those smooth clean tones with the brightness of a single-coil pickup?

If it helps I play mostly alternative and indie rock.

Thanks in advance,
This sounds odd to me because the Tele neck pickup is known for its immaculate, unbeatable clean tone.
Thanks, I will check out that pickup. I do use the stock lipstick and I play through either a Peavey Bandit 112 (solid state) or a Crate 15 (tube). I will admit that of course the stock pickup sounds better through the Crate so one step could be to upgrade amps to a large tube but I am strapped for cash (college student). I felt like getting a new pickup in there would be a more economical choice if I can find the right one.
Yeah your amp can have a lot to do with it. Like i said, i use the middle position for my smooth cleans a lot. I also have a humbucker in my neck position, but the other teles i have played all sounded the best in the middle.