I've just taken the nut off an acoustic (action was too high) and I'm wondering what's the best glue I could use to put it back? I have some acrylic glue and I can probably find some superglue around the house. The nut is plastic, btw.

Should I try to find some wood glue or will the acrylic do?

note:I've read a lot about Elmers glue but I doubt I'll find any where I live.

EDIT: just checked the glue I have. ingredients are something like this: polyvinyl acetate (PVA) <25%, acetone <50%, ethyl acetate <20%, diisobutyl phthalate <2%, nitrocellulose lacquer <9%.

I'm guessing that it's an allright wood glue, judging by the fact that it has PVA. amirite about this?
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If there are little posts and holes that allow the nut to sit without sliding, then you don't have to glue it on.
There are holes but there are no posts. The thin plastic shim it rested on(it broke while I took the nut out) looks like it was intended to have poles, but that's it.
Use a weak paper/craft glue if you have it. If not, just a tiny dab of wood glue. The glue is really just to keep the nut from sliding around until you get the strings on. It doesn't have to be eternally bonded in place.
Thanks for the help, I just used a tiny dab of the glue I mentioned in the OP... hope my guitar doesn't asplode
A small amount of white elmers glue on the bottom of the nut. Make sure you remove the dried glue first with a file. Just put on a new set of strings and make sure the nut is centered when your done. The strings will hold it in place. Frankly you would probably want to replace the nut, saddle and bridgepins with bone. It will be the best and cheapest thing you can do to improve the tone of your guitar.
Honestly, you don't even need glue on the nut. String tension alone will keep it on fine.

So a tiny dot of Elmer/wood glue would be more then plenty.
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I agree, wood or craft glue is the best to use. holds securely but not so strong to damage the wood should you decide to change it.
all done, it worked pretty well, although I didn't file off the old glue (it wasn't on the underside of the nut, but on the fretboard). I glued the nut to the old dried up glue and II think it helped with intonation, lol (had problems before).

I'm going to look into bone replacements, though, thanks for the tip.