The highest rated text tab and highest rated GP tab disagree on the first fill in crazy train by ozzy. It's the first real fill, at 1:20 in the blizzard of oz version, and its right after ozzy says "goin off the rails on a crazy train" for the first time.

text tab goes like this
e --------2----------------------------------------------------- 
B -----2-------5--2------2-------------------------------------- 
G 4^-----------------5------5--4--2-----4--2--------------------
 D -----------------------------------4--------4--2----------p--- 
A --------------------------------------------------4--2~-0----- 
E --------------------------------------------------------------

whereas GP goes like this

e ------2--------------------------------|
B --------2-5p-2h-3p-2---2---------------|
G --4b-----------------5---5p-4p-2---2---|
D ---------------------------------4---4-|
A ---------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------|


what gives?
It's really hard to hear in the song. it sounds to me like the 2nd one, but they are obviously played at very different speeds.
can anyone shed some light?
prety sure the text tab is quite off, its good, but he prolly didn't tab it by slowing it down much, just my guess. Also pretty sure rhandy rhoads is using fsharp aeolian in these fills and the solo, therefore likely having the 3rd fret bstring D
go with the guitar pro since u can actually hear that it sounds right
ahhh just listened and tried both,, i play the second 1
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Thanks for the replies about the fill, I think I will stick with the GP tab.

Okay since I have another question about the same tab I may as well post in here, hopefully someone sees it. This time, the 3rd bar of the solo. Is it supposed to be 14p11b13 and repeat? cause that's a rediculous amount of bends, but if anyone could do it, it would be Randy.
The much much easier way I can see would be to bend 11 to 13 and then pull off 12 to 11, which would sound pretty much the same. Every cover on youtube I have seen seems to either do that, or just use the whammy bar.

If you know this solo, how do you play it>?