I'm looking for a bedroom amplifier preferably a combo amp. My budget is 600 and the music I'm into playing is death metal and doom metal. It doesn't have to be anything loud.
peavey valveking or some second hand stuff like a peavey 5150 or something.
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peavey valveking or some second hand stuff like a peavey 5150 or something.

peavey 5150 is way more than 500 dollars or euros
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Randall V2XM High gain combo that can be played at bedroom levels and well within you budget.
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Quote by cyperkiller182
600 dollars sorry

aww man... what dollars....

please be exact...

US dollars?
Canadian dollars?
East Caribbean dollars?
Australian dollars?
Bahamian dollars?
Barbadian dollars?
Brunei dollars?
Jamaican dollars?
Fijian dollars?
Singapore dollars?
Hong Kong dollars?
New Zealand dollars?
Taiwan dollars?
Zimbabwean dollars?

600 Zimbabwean dollars is only like US$1.70 you know.

There's no indication of where you're from... so we can't tell.
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