I own a silverface, late 70s deluxe reverb that is apparently sick. the sound coming out is distorted with a bunch of fizz and no projection whatsoever. the volume swells up and down and after about 5 minutes the normal sound will come back. it'll stay normal for about 10 minutes and then the fizz and decrease in volume is back. i believe it's just a tube issue, but i have wondered if it could be wiring issues or speaker problems.

is this just simply a tube issue? i remember this happening to my boogie, and a quick swap of preamps had it back and running. if so, do i have to actually get the amp rebiased with the tubes? i don't want to just pop them in the pots and do something wrong.

It scared me seeing as how i've had it for only a month. i hope it's nothing major but any help on this topic would be very appreciated.
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This seems like a bad preamp tube. Preamp tube don't have to be biased