Is there any real way to see how you are progressing in comparison to another person playing the same amount of time you have?
I've been playing a little less than a year, and though I know I am definitely not the same as I was when I first got my guitar, I still do not feel I am progressing as good as I'd like or as others may be.
I have a simple practice schedule and I practice everyday for , maybe 2hours+.
Examples of what I can play (note; most of it are easy anyway..)
The Kill (30stm)
Dammit, Adam's Song, Stay Together for the Kids (Blink 182)
Hysteria (Muse)
Bat Country (A7X)
Makedamnsure (Taking Back Sunday)
One Last Breath (Creed)
(MOST of) Knockin On Heavens Door (Guns n Roses)
& others
Can anyone suggest how to note progression and how to get more out of each of my practices?
Practice different stuff, you need to be versatile. You don't have to learn all the scales but you should learn a variety of music. If you look at a lot of musicians (like Slash, Joe Bonamassa, Rory Gallagher) they may play rock but incorporate different styles into it like country, jazz and blues.
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Work out where you want to be, then work out what you need to do to get there, and focus on your weak points.

You shouldn't worry about how fast other people are progressing - its not a competition. Everyone progresses at a different speed, there will always be someone better than you - and there will always be someone worse than you too. Just have fun with it
Thanks, I agree with that, but however I feel where I DO aim to be, I've been trying a while dont seem to really be getting anywhere (along with working on weak spots, comparing it with times before, I barely see any improvement).
It's hard to notice progress on a day to day basis. It's like trying to notice your 2 year old son growing every day. If you take a picture once a year you'll immediately see the changes, but on a daily basis not so much.

I'd suggest you record yourself every now and then to analyze your playing. Note what you like about your playing, and what you need to improve on. Then listen to the recordings in the future to see if you feel like you've improved.

Also, don't worry about how you stack up against other people. Just focus on improving and being the best you can be.
Recording yourself jsepguitar suggested is a good idea - it lets you look back weeks/months so you can hear your progress.

I'd think about getting a teacher too - or at least using online lessons or a 'teach yourself' book, so you are following some sort of plan.

Jamming with other people helps too - whether you are the same level or they are much better/worse than you, you learn loads, and its fun