I saw this on the Guitar Center website for $146, and I'm thinking of getting it. I already play the guitar as my main instrument, and I'm thinking of trying out bass, just because I can never find anyone who wants to play bass. So I figured, the only way I'll ever be a part of a full band is if I take up bass myself, which I don't really mind doing. I was wondering, would the Ibanez AEB10E be loud enough to play unplugged in a small band with two acoustic guitarits, and a percussionist playing hand percussions like bongos or a cajon? Also, what's the sound quality like? Is it pretty much guaranteed to sound like shite since it's so cheap, or can I get a reasonably decent tone out of it?

Also, there was a price drop on the Jackson KVX10, and I thought about just buying that instead, because I always found Jackson King V guitars to be sexy as hell.

tl;dr should I get the bass and finally be a part of a complete band, or the Jackson and have the guitar I've been lusting over for the past 3 years?
I've got an Ibanez AEB8E and I can be heard over an acoustic guitar.
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Actually, the AEB10 sounds pretty good. It certainly isn't the loudest acoustic bass in the world, but either plugged in or unplugged, it sounds pretty good. I don't know if it could be heard over two acoustic guitars and a guy on the bongoes. I suppose it depends on how loud the others were playing. An acoustic bass is never going to be as loud as an acoustic guitar - the strings can't vibrate the top the way they do on an acoustic guitar.
To be honest, with a percussionist and two guitarists, you probably won't be heard at all. A lot of times, bassists will use an electric in conjunction with acoustic guitarists so that they can simply be heard. If you want to get into bass, buy the bass, or look at electrics (unless you particularly love the sound of acoustics), otherwise, get the guitar.
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I doubt it's loud, it probably doesn't sound the best, but it's pretty cheap and an Ibanez so I imagine it's not a complete hunky of feces build quality and play ability wise.
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I've not heard much great about the Ibanez acoustic guitars, while I have heard good about many things. where'd that penguin guy with the epic hair go?

go with the Jackson, I've attempted to play one of those things, and it felt really comfortable, albeit the strings were too small and close together.
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I've not heard much great about the Ibanez acoustic guitars, while I have heard good about many things. where'd that penguin guy with the epic hair go?

True . . . where is our local acoustic bass aficionado? He should have some advice regarding this.

Actually, the Ibanez acoustics I've played have been pretty decent. They're comfortable for an acoustic, and they sound decent, but they just aren't loud enough to cut through 2 guitarists.
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I had the AEB8E and now I have the EWB20. Both are good acoustic bass guitars, so the AEB10E will probably be good too.
As for loudness, playing unplugged with the rest of the band, I also doubt you'll be heard. Maybe a bit when playing with a pick...

Even when we're playing an acoustic set with the band I play through an amp.
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