Hey guys, as I have now transitioned to college, I no longer need or honestly really desire my 100 watt 212 Valveking combo. It's a pain to carry around, it's too loud and it's not really the amp I desire anymore. One of my friends said he would buy it off of me for $400 which isn't a bad price IMO. I have my fender champ and I am in the process of modding it, making an L pad and hooking it up to a 212 cab I have laying around so I can really get a sweet, saturated tube sound out of the thing if I ever want to gig.

I also do want a slightly larger amp with more wattage and more than just a volume and two tone controls. I've been in love with the flextone series since I played one about a year ago and I'm strongly considering getting one. I've heard some people say that they prefer the Flextone II. What is the difference between the II and III? And am I making a reasonable decision considering my situation?
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