I've got about an hour to go. JSX 212 combo for 830$ or Egnater Rebel 30 112 for 850$? Is there a competition? I like Blues through Hard rock, Early Metallica is the heaviest I'd go. The Reverb for both was a huge plus, and portability would be nice.
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i personally would go for the egnater. i really liked the rebel 20 when i tried it. the jsx has always seemed more of a metal oriented amp to me. i know it does other stuff, but thats how ive always seen it for blues and hard rock, probably not the amp i would pick first. and that is where i thought the rebel shined too. cleans could get a bit of that grit for blues, and pushed it would do hard rock pretty well. maybe not quite metallica, but i didnt really try for that since it isnt my style.
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jsx has always seemed more of a metal oriented amp to me.


For the styles of music you play...theres going to be a lot of unused gain with the jsx
i'll recommend the JSX, as i think it's a very good jack-of-all-trades amp...and it's great at all of them! i haven't played the rebel 30, so no comment. in terms of portability, the JSX 212 is lacking...the thing weighs in at 95 frickin' lbs. but i still like the JSX a lot, one of my favorite amps.
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