new song i recorded a while back, not finished (no bass, fake drums) but i want some opinions on how the song go from clean to heavy. let me know what you think of the riffs too. if you want check out the other songs too..

song is called "new song #3" and its on my profile

as always c4c, just leave me a link of your song or message me

It sounds really good, its actually well written. The recording is not bad, I actually like it. The intro does drag on a little bit, but I guess you where going for effect instead of general flow. The clean to distortion worked well.

Crit mine? I rewrote the song, so could you crit the last link please?
That was sweet, what were those nice ambient esque sounds in the background during the clean bits?

Also as far as a crit goes - guitars sounded really good - nice and tight the multitrack worked well. And although it was 4 mins i think it could have been longer if you mixed in a few more ideas - it just felt a bit short to me i guess. However it did seem to fall apart at the end a bit. Perhaps mixing it so the lead cut through a bit more would help!

Hope that helps!
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That was a real old-school metal riff. It could groove better and you had a few places where your timing is off, but overall I liked it. It reminds me of something. I want to say Metal Church but I'm not absolutely sure. With som nice Bob Daisley-like bass and better drums this would kick all kinds of ass.
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really like the beginning (the synth sounding stuff was awesome!), but I also think that the intro does go on for a bit. Also, have you tried what it would sound like without the distorted guitar during the clean parts? I think that would be pretty interesting.

The metal riff is great, everything after that is brilliant. You could come back in with the main riff after the solo though? it sounds like I'm coming off a bit harsh, I genuinely did really like it, that main riff was awesome.

Last point which is a real nit-picking one, nothing to do with song-writing or playing, if you eq'd or double tracked the lead, i think that would make it sound a lot more powerful.

I've got a piece up here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1230023, would be real grateful if you could critique it for me

hey thanks for the crits guys. first chord is same as orion so thats why it sounds simalar. I will make sure to crit yin's music as soon as i can thanks