So my grandpa died a while ago and because I am the only other one in the family who plays guitar he left me a mountain of badass gear.

I am keeping nearly all of it but I want to sell one or two of the guitars (He left me 12)

One of the guitars I was thinking about selling is a Gibson LS-5

Now, i have never even heard of an LS-5 and I couldn't find out much of anything with google and i was wondering if anyone had any info about the model and maybe how much its worth.

It looks almost identical to a Les Paul, if the headstock didn't say LS-5 i would say that it was, but the body is wider than your typical Les Paul. Its in mint condition, has gold hardware, and it plays like a dream. I vaguely rember saying he got it in the 70's but i dont know what year it is. It has a quilted maple top and is a pretty fierce orange color.

any help would be appreciated

also sorry if this isnt the section for this
Serial number needed. But gibson changed what their numbers referenced to in the seventies. So, could be tricky.
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Any chance that you could mean L5-S, the solidbody version of the L5 Jazzbox? Your description sure reminded me of one.

I've heard of LS-6, but not LS-5.
Yes, It could be L5-S

I have terrible eyesight, S and 5 kind of look alike

but that makes a lot of sense that it would be a Solid body version of the LS

He had 2 Howard Roberts and a L5

so yeah...

L5-S, also i looked on the back to see about the serial numbers and i dont see any
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