At the weekend i fractured my left ring finger playing basketball The doc says it'll be ~3-4 weeks before it's healed and i can start playing guitar again, which is a bit crap. So i figured, why not learn slide guitar, it's something i've always meant to do, but never had the motivation to do. (doc was a guitar player himself and said it'd be fine)

Firstly - i know it's most common to put a slide on the ring finger, but is it possible to put it on any other finger?
secondly - i can put it on my ring finger but it will ave to go over my splint and leave it tied to the middle finger - is that going to cause me issues
thirdly - can you suggest me some songs or easy exercises to start off with, freebird is the first thing which springs to mind, but that it pretty technically tricky :s maybe some easy Allman Bros?

Thanks guys
You can use the slide on your pinky, if your ring finger is too awkward. The intro is the only part of freebird played on slide, and its pretty easy. allman bros is definitely a good bet as well. Look into open tunings next and maybe some old school delta blues. Remember to place the slide directly over the fret itself, instead of where your fingers would go.
So do you have anything interesting to play?
^ i would do but it's a bit fabricy :p

derp? i'm going to take that as a weird way of saying idiot... in which case my answer is if i'm going to bother spending several weeks learning a specific technique i want to get it right - rather than realising "oh it's impossible to play slide with your middle finger" in 3 weeks time

Thanks for that Eclectica - good advice, but not as easy to put into practice having been so used to fretted finger placement! I'll look into some proper delta blues when i get a bit more fluid, just practicing hitting notes for now. Open tunings are definitely going to make things easier!