Hey, I've been writing poems for a while, this is probably not one of my best :P
Let me know if you like it or not:

I lay here and I wonder
How little am I?
Compared to all the galaxies
That light up polluted skies

So little me lays wondering
am I forgotten so?
Held up against celebrities
have I a friend to go?

So forgotten me lays wondering
am I so alone?
Always waiting earnestly by
the never ringing phone

So lonely me looks up
and aloud says: have I none?
I smile and close my eyes
Because I know I still have won

Maybe they will take me
From my home and friends
And put me in a life
Where wits are at there ends

But peace has lain within me
since the day that I met you
aquaintence, friend or love
I know that I have you

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The first and second verses don't necessarily live up to the expectations of some decent ideas. In the second one, celebrities is not all to great of an allusion. In the first one, the whole galaxies lighting up the polluted sky just did not grab me as you expected it to. After that the poem is pretty good.