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Not sure if this is the right forum, my apologies if not.
At the end of next year after I finish my curent degree I am looking at going to Sydney to do the 2 year bachelor of contemporary music prformacne degree through the Australian institue of music.

I am wondering about the audition process. The website said by ausdtin of two contrasting peices, and based on how much "potential" they believed you have, sort of a very open type of statment.

What I am wondering i if ayone knows thetype of theoretcial and sight reading skills they wantyou to have. My theory is practical but pretty sound I think, Modes, scale construction, chord construction and extensions, cycle of fifths, tritone substitutions, chord substitutions, but my sight reading is a little weak. I ca play across most styles, I mainly do old school electric blues/rock (Cream, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Sabbath etc) but can do pop, modern rock, and a bit fo country and jazz, both of which I am working on improving at, and simple classical peices (not a great finger picker, but workling on it).

I know its a little early to be asking, but I want to mke sure i am thoroughly prepared when i go in to audition. In terms of perofrmance I had a freind go through who thinks I will breeze it, but I intend naturally to continue imporving my existing skills in that area as well.

Thanks in advance!
I actually auditioned today and got accepted. It's a pretty quick audition, by the sounds of it you'll prooobably get in.
I don't think the pieces you play are actually THAT important, it's just so they know you can play.
The theory is relatively basic. You'll need to identify a few key signatures, be able to read pretty simple rhythm notation and clap it out, and sight read a fairly simple melodic line. Just make sure you know the basics of standard notation and you'll do fine.
They'll also ask which notes are in certain scales, so if you know the intervals in major, minor, harmonic/melodic minor scales etc you should be alright.

Good luck.
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