So i wrote this in my english class while watching the crucible, lemme know what you think!
I wake up in this nightmare
to the devil screaming at me
i wander to the fields
and start the treacherous work to be
everyone feels his eyes as we work for his reward
we work for him while on the brink of death

before we sleep we pray to keep our lives for one more day
and propose a plan to overthrow satan from his thrown
we plan to use the tools he gives us to beat him down
then we go to sleep and pray to keep our lives for one more day

we wake to his screams and prepare fr the fight
that will decide our internal fate
we hold up our weapons and charge the beast
while he takes his nap
then the battle begins
there was more but looking back on what i wrote it doesnt seem to fit in, so maybe this could turn into a two part song thing or seomthing? idk but give me your thoughts please!