I'm considering going to skidmore college next year. does anyone have any experience there? positive or negative?

also looking at UVM and a few instate schools in VA which i've already been to.
It has a badass name. That is all.
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Fuck that, go to Skidmark college.
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When I was 11.

Googled "I would like to watch some porn please"

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i think skidmore needs more skid in all honesty
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not hated
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idk if that deserved a facepalm, I chuckled
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Who's in a bunker?
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I'm actually a freshmen here and its totally sick. All of my professors are great, and the kids here are really cool for the most part. There is always lots of parties and shit on the weekend. Also we are like #2 on the princeton review for "reefer madness."