We are a band from the Galesburg area in Illinois. We are releasing our debut cd, "Shedding Illusions" this saturday!

We have one song posted from the record right now. Its called "When I Betray"

Our record is a concept album. its a story not based on anyone in particular, but about a guy with a problem that many of us can relate in some way. Its about a guy who suffers a traumatic event and from that event he devolopes a split personality. he denies help from his friends and family, but deep down he knows he wants it. Then in the end he overcomes his personal demons, hence, "Shedding Illusions"

We are mostly a metal band, but dont want to be classified as "metal-heads". We want to be called musicians. Which is why our record has an acoustic song on it. Its not the acoustic song on our myspace though. Fade Away(on the myspace) is an older song.

Well, tell us what you think. We will have another song up on friday if you like When I Betray

heres the link:

-Cory (vocals/guitar)