I've been thinking about painting my guitar. I have a snow white Jackson DK2M. I've been thinking about painting it like the Scottish flag, I'm very proud of my Scottish ancestry, but I'm not totally sure. I mostly play hair metal and i want my guitar to look unique. Any ideas?
paint your flag man, im not a good painter at all but you'd be surprised what some time, patience, painters tape, and spray paint could do thats what i did and i love playing it now
If you're a tone freak then don't do it. Thay say it'll change your tone.

I doubt you'd be able to hear a difference, though.
man you would never hear a change in the tone due to the paint or clearcoat.

just remember to reaserch very far into re-finishing a guitar. my suggestion is to lay down a thin layer of shellac then paint ur flag over that. then start clearcoating with either 2k laquer or whatever else u wish.
What is the last name of your family or your Mothers maiden name
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