Lots of really awesome riffs in this song.

Drum intro was a little long IMO

First riff is kinda generic, but it works fine. I like the run you add in at the end of the phrase.

Cool section at 38.

I love the chorus. The chomatic lick sounds really awesome, but I dont think it flows well into the repeat.

58 is another awesome heavy section.

74 is another section that's kinda generic sounding, but again I think it sounds fine in context.

82 is another great riff. The slide is a little weird though. Maybe it sounds better on real guitar.

66 again it's an awesome riff.

104-131 is probably my favorite section of the song. I higher lead was needed as the fast harmonic minor riffs are starting to get a little stale by now.

The solo was ok. It didn't really grab my attention to well. And it doesn't flow into the chorus too great either IMO

Nice fading outro as well.

It's a solid song that i'm sure sounds much better with vocals. I only have 2 big complaints with it. First of all, the bass is lamesauce. I understand you have to leave it in the skill area of your bass player, but come on, this is incredibly easy. The second is HOLY SHIT LAY OF THE HI-HAT! Man, did that get under my skin quick.

Now that i've bitched about that I want to restate that I think it's a solid song with lots of cool riffs. Overall a 7.5/10

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Meh, to be quite honest with you.

I really, really dont like Thrash at all, and that's what this reeks of. Tepid thrash, with some rather bland melodic death and melodic death melodies sprinkled on top. No melodic black metal here to speak of, which is sad, cause I had my hopes up... I heard no Dissection, Dawn, Artefact, or any of the godlike Kvist in this, no, no melodic BM at all.

Honestly, there isnt much 'wrong' with this, it just bores me, mostly due to the thrashy melodeathy-ness of it all.