The night stalked quietly in on owl’s wings
To glimpse the last chill rays of daylight, dwindling
The sun crawled quickly back above white painted scene
Away from dark, behind the icy, frost-lined trees

In winter nights I find
We longing friends unwind
Straight, like parallel lines
And we will never touch

My faith in contracts signed
In washable Crayola lines
Now I watch your Autumn eyes
Melt like snowflakes on my tongue

The moon sighed silently, breath as mine, steam in the cold
“Are you alone, like me, trapped in midwinter’s hold?”
We spoke timidly, like young lovers, until morning came
Then she reached out, crying for Sun and was pushed away

In winter nights I find
We, like longing friends, unwind
Straight in parallel lines
And we will never meet

Your words, in contrast, signed
In washable Crayola lines
And I watch your Autumn eyes
Vanish like snowflakes on my skin

The clear sky reveals for miles
The sparkling white of frosted smiles
Car windows, breath frozen in style
Pines and firs in straightened aisles

So close, but they can never touch
This is one of the better pieces I think I have ever seen on this site. Stanza's two and three are my favourites.. Winter imagery is always very vivid to me. It reminds me of that shock of adrenaline you get from rushing out into the cold. The use of Crayola lines was rather brilliant I thought also, sort of metaphor for being naive like a child but in an innocent way. Also the parallel lines are a good theme for the piece and I like how you reinvoke that idea throughout the piece. Fantastic job!
Thanks! I really like using seasonal imagery in my works. Especially during the colder months.
Whoa. This is deep stuff man

High five for actually being able to write like this, there are so many people in this forum who try to achieve this level of epic but fail hard. You are one of the lucky few :P

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