I used to think in terms of days; moments
wasted or savoured to the heart’s content and
lives lived to the fullest terms of our rent,
falling into the contract’s close at death.

I used to think of these moments; weighing
them as full or empty or somewhere between –
to be filled with dreams or time killed,
freely drowning in an empty nothing.

Now I’m sure that the key is in
not knowing; in trusting your heart enough
to let the mind carefully, gently refine those tiny,
perfect little dreams into something close to
a whole, rich reality – a simple, wholesome life.

To see you settled there again, even
settled - a state so rare it is to be savoured and
viewed with wonder like a great work of art –
settle inside my arm, against my chest, head rising
and falling with each of my breaths like a whispered promise
carried deftly on a wistful breeze.

I am a breeze, lifting you
but only you can still the winds, calm
the seas and part the waves until, on
a single patch of dry land, we lay
arm in arm, face to face and
contently and calmly

I think you're 'leaving' on a piece that best represents your biggest strengths and biggest weaknesses.

and remember, you're too young to be worrying about silly things like death.

have fun kiddo.