Am searching for a Poweramp for a Marshall JMP1 and Peavey Rockmaster.
Considering the Mesa 20/20 (with deep mod)

Can u please tell em more about EL84 characterictics. I hear they r clean.
I need this power amp for clean and high gain, but people do not recommend these for metal type tones.

Some details/experiences please.
In separate preamp and power amp set-ups the preamp has much more impact on the tone than the poweramp. If you like the sound of your preamps through the mesa then by all means go for it, otherwise get another amp. The tubes in your power amp aren't going to make a huge difference in your sound.
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Thanks for your reply Kevin.
I have never had a rack system before. Bought the pre's first and am now looking for the power amp. Ur theory is interesting. In heads, the power tubes play a huge role and that's why i was really concerned.
Good to know.
Power tubes don't play as big of a role as you think, in a head the circuit, the transformers and the speakers are going to play the biggest role in shaping the sound. I'm not saying that power tubes don't affect sound, but you're making them out to be more than they are.

I will concede that when overdriven power tubes show their character more, but the tone is still going to be more dependent on the circuit.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
The only trouble using a 20w power amp is that if you need any REAL volume sometime, the EL84s ARE GOING TO BREAK UP!! You need at least 50 CLEAN watts of usable power IMO if you're amplifying a separate pre-amp. I use a 20w EL84-loaded amp for most of my playing/gigs, & yes, it's great, but it breaks up a lot at higher volumes(which I like).
Try the 20/20 first at stage volume if you can. You may like the added grind it delivers, or you may not. TRY FIRST!!

Edit: BTW- with the right pedal, the EL84s will do metal.
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