As subject...

I am selling this from unborn project I am working on since I would custom my hardware. This unit is never used in OEM plastic packaging. It will direct Fit to PRS SE for your tuning issues since this has adjustable saddle. I opened the plastic just to measure the thread...the bridge still wrapped (you can look at pic below)

I am selling this for 75USD shipped using airmail for most US/UK/EU/AU

payment by paypal and I will ship the same day after receiving payment.

Since I am newbie here and this is my post, I could understand that you guys need feedback. I have many successful transaction over the years on various forums, I will provide feedback on request.

I am small builder in Jakarta, Indonesia. If anyone around, I will be glad anyone to try my guitar...

Anyway, picture is below

Please email me at imamadi.nugroho@gmail.com, YM: mixcubed or MSN: mixcubed@hotmail.com

I am mostly online on my messenger, so please Message me for info...