Alright so here's the scoop... I get about 50+ bucks a week at my job. I need to know what would be smart to buy so I don't go about wasting my money.

So here's what I already have:
*Drive Wildfire-X (about a 200 dollar guitar)
*Crate GX-20M Amp (20W amp)
*Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal (I believe DS-1)
*Rogue LX200B Series II 4 String Bass

I like playing punk-medal-rock (Favorite bands are Rise Against, Bullet for my Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, and Flyleaf). So if anyone has any good ideas about what would be a good purchase, I'm all ears

Thanks all,
What do you want to do to your sound?
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Don't just go buying for the sake of buying stuff. If you're happy, don't change anything. If not, I refer you to ragingkitty's post
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Well for guitar OR bass i recomend a Digitech X-series Evoplope filter its a niflty effect. And it is effectivly an auto wah. i think you should try it out, it is quite cool sounding.
What I would do-

short term-
buy a $20 soldering kit and mod that DS1

long term-
-save up for a new guitar, unless you're happy with the one you have, then buy a new amp.

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