How the hell does Tommy scream/growl like he does? I'm tryin to learn how to do vocals like him but the only metal vocals I can do is like Nathan Explosion haha I just really don't understand it. On the making of great misdirect they show him doing it in the vocal booth and its just so weird. It sounds like theres two voices coming out of his throat. To me it sounds like his screams are a mixture between a "scream" and talking like Piccolo from DBZ lol
If you watch him on the Colors_Live DVD, his voice sounds a little bit different. If you want to do his vocals, I suggest watching a performance from that DVD, because hearing his voice there clues you in to what exactly is going on. The way I've always picked up on other vocalists is by just mimicking them. His is a tough one to figure out, though.
I'd ask the screaming/growling thread about this.
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