As much as I love Ibanez, I've got some gas for Parker P-42 for xmas. It's the lowest price Parker, and has a fixed bridge too, something I've been wanting.

Yay or nay?
i think they're crazy ugly but i like the ebony fretboard. other than that i've heard some pretty good things about them.

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They apparently play well because they are ergonomic, but yeah, i still think they're pretty bad looking. but yeah, i do dig the ebony.

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The lower priced ones aren't great, however, the upper-range ones are to die for.

Andrew Tapley (Lead guitar of The Human Abstract) plays them exclusively (to my knowledge).
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I like the Parkers, but agree that the moderate to high end ones are where the brand shines.

I'd love to own one myself, but I'm saving up to do so.
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I have owned a Parker Nitefly, and must say, it had the best clean tone I have ever heard. Check my profile for pics and clips. The lower end ones play very, very good, but the tone just isn't there for me.
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I love the new Dragonfly shape over the Fly shape.

+1 I'm GASing for a Dragonfly sooooo bad right now. I played one and it was a dream. Looks beautiful too.

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I always thought Parkers were very odd looking not ugly though. They are amazing guitars I had a high end Parker Fly (I forget the actual model for a short time) I got a very good deal on it but later got a very good offer so I had to let it go. I didn't realize at the time I got it, it was worth a couple grand I only paid $450.00 for it sold it for a little under $1500.00. I used to call it my Air Guitar because it was so light and so easy to play it was like playing an air guitar that actually made sound! LOL

Since I have played a lot of them I never tried one I thought was even close to being bad. They all seem to be made very well. Eventually I will get my hands on another for a decent price I'll grab.

very well made. sound good.

personally not for me though.
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awesome guitars, i use mine for blues, and some rock stuff and it does it very well, the piezo is an added plus, id say steer clear of the korean ones which are ok but on ebay you can pick up one of the niteflys for about £500 so it may be worth lurking around ebay and seeing if a USA will come up cheap
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They just look ugly as hell.
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I've got a Parker Nite Fly, they're good, but they are in no way ergonomic. They suffer from the Tele problem of digging into your ribs
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I don' think too much of the low-end parkers, not overly impressed with the general feel but the real high end ones are just incredible. If I was the kind of person to ever call a neck "fast" (which I don't believe in) then they would be it.
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I played a fly deluxe in the studio last week. They look a LOT better in person. Nowhere near as ugly as the pictures would have you believe. It played great, but had quite a weak sound IMO. I got a much nicer tone out of the Prince signature tele there.
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I would want one only because there frets on the high end ones dont wear down.
If you get one of the higher end parkers they are defintely worth it. They play great and are very sturdy and versatile. I wouldn't buy one of the low end ones though, they are not nearly as good.
They sound amazing and are very unique, but on one of the ones I played the strings were too close to the body, I actually kept hitting the body with my pick, I've never had this problem before. Other than that they're great, but play one for yourself to see if you like it