*There's been times I've walked in the woods alone and get a creepy vibe how quiet. I wrote this to the extreme*

Evening approaches
I’m stranded on this frozen lake
Miles away from my destination
I begin to drift with the fierce wind
There is a reason
The winds are very strong
Thus something has gone terribly wrong

Now I realize
Daylight is getting shorter
The air is getting colder
This year I’m getting older

Further and further I travel
Sweat from my body begins to unravel
My toes and fingers numb
I wish I had a bottle of rum
To get that strong taste
Thus feel that sense of comfort and warmth
Only for a brief second

My thoughts slowly to creep in
Fear is controlling me
I have no desire
Moving forward into the darkness
While of those menacing eyes
Lurk and mediate
Then hide
In the howling distance