Hey, for some reason when singing high notes (I believe I'm doing falsetto, not really sure), my throat tends to close up after singing only a couple of lines. Am I doing something wrong or will it go away with practice?
I have the same problem, and my teacher says its because I'm thinking okay this is a high note, I can't do them, and my throat just naturally tightens up. Try imagining the sound as coming from the core of your body rather than right from your throat, and pushing your tongue down at the back of your mouth to open up some space.
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Quote by chaos13
and pushing your tongue down at the back of your mouth to open up some space.

This is popular advice, but it isn't good advice.

Think of lifting the back of the throat, as in a yawn. Yes. That achieves more space. Pushing your tongue down, though, creates more problems than it solves. It wreaks havoc with your tone, for starters. Secondly, if you think of your tongue as play-dough, you'll be able to see that pushing it down only spreads it out differently. It takes up just as much space.... it just fills up more space in your throat. This is why it affects your tone.

To the TS.... if you're singing falsetto, then I can't advise you. It is an area I have not studied. If you're singing in your natural voice, it could be psychological, as chaos13 said. It could be physiological in that you are reaching for those notes, but they are, indeed, out of your range, so the only way to get there is to begin to squeak and screech them out.

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