Alright heres the situation:

Im not a bad looking guy and I can play pretty ****in good (I even learned gay ****** songs like "Good Riddance" and "Your Body is a Wonderland for girls) even though I put metal and thrashing aside but I cant seem to get any luck with the ladies. Shit Im so desperate I might try anything. I'm not a bad looking guy (http://www.myspace.com/brazwellrulez for picture and profile) and at least my friends think Im ****ing hilarious so Im wondering, what the ****S UP???

Guitar doesnt get guys laid like they used to (unless their signed artists) and I dont even have a ****ing clue to rectify this situation so please help my fellow guitarists and give me some techniques to get laid!


P.S. how the **** do I get girls to take their clothes off only using my music?
You swear too often, and I can smell you from here.

PROTIP: Rhoadies don't take their clothes off unless you're somebody, somebody with a massive penis and millions of dollars.
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