I just plugged in my Vypyr after I took it to school last night, and to my surprise, I get nothing out of it. Now, I will admit that stupidly I turned the amp on before plugging the power in. I noticed, and plugged it in at the wall, and then the other end at the amp.

It turned on as normal, but didn't make a sound. I pushed the volume up, and all I could hear was the stupid electronic whine it always makes. I then tried to change lead and change guitar, but to no avail. I accidentally bumped the amp knob onto the JSX, and it started to feedback. Upon further inspection I found that the models with high gain, or the Red channel of any model, make audible a constant buzz, which is affected by the effects Loops, EQ and Amp model. I checked on the tuner, and It's apparently a perfect A#. Strangely enough, the Input socket does click as usual, however the other end of the lead doesn't make any noise. The leads work fine on an old amp, as do the guitars.

Anybody have a clue what the hell this is? I have firmware version 1.55, which seems to be the newest. This amp seemed great when I bought it 6 months ago, but in hindsight, it's got some extremely stupid design flaws. It updates using USB-MIDI, However it has a USB port on the front. Last time it managed to kill itself because two circuit boards came into contact apparently.
So when you plugged the power cord in the power switch for amp was already on?

Sounds like something is amiss. I'd send Peavey an email or work it through your warranty.

You've done all the right troubleshooting and it doesn't sound like a problem that can be easily fixed.