Hi. I was thinking about getting a hot rod deville 212 for gigging cos its got plenty of headroom on the clean channel to stay clean above the drummer (when not miced up) before i put effects through it. I recently heard the vox ac30 and it sounds real nice but im not sure if it would have enough headroom with 30 watts? Im thinking this because i was told the hot rod deluxe breaks up fairly early and it has 40 watts????
Les Paul -> Keeley 2 knob Compressor -> Retroman "Beano" -> Tube Screamer type OD -> Durham Electronics "Sex Drive" -> Vox AC30 with those sweet blue anico's = touch of god.
It has plenty of headroom. in fact you need to push it to seriously loud volumes before it sounds amazing. if you want a brilliant clean that will never break up just stretch and go for a twin reverb. to me it has a clean much nicer then the ac30. when it comes to getting into a bit of breakup though, thats where the ac30 shines.

moral of the story, for pristine cleans maybe go for a twin reverb. for some grit in your cleans go for the ac30. just my opinion though.
I had a go at '60s AC30 yesterday and I was shocked at the lack of volume at full bore. If you mic your amp up at gigs or are using it for recording it's great, but don't expect pristine cleans at gig levels.
You will have plenty of headroom. I use a Vox Night Train in my current band, and I don't mic up at practice...and on the 15 watt setting I still have cleans over our drummer.
Thats what pre amp tubes are for............Need more headroom use a 12at7
Plenty of headroom - but bear in mind that the AC30 and Fender cleans are very different. The Fender clean sound is sparkly, totally clean and clean, while the Vox is more gritty and crunchy with lots of high end chime. Also, if you are in the UK, lots of people are selling cheap '60s AC30s (which KILL the CC versions) for incredible prices, such as here:
bear in mind, however, that the older models have no master volume, and fully overdriven my teacher's AC30 can blast down even a mighty 100w tube Marshall 1/2 stack. You'll need a power attenuator/at least a volume box to get anything other than clean tones.
Plently of headroom. I turned the master volume up halfway and couldn't take it overdriven by the time I turned the volume up to get overdriven. Keep the master volume at half or more and your should have enough clean headroom from the channel volume.