Ohhhkay, here's the deal, new amp = Fender 212R,
New pedal = Digitech Death metal.
Overall there is on the amp
Treble, Drive, Volume, Mid, bass.
On the pedal, there is Level, Low, Mid, High.
My guitar is a dean razorback
Im usually in drop A for my band, what kind of settings should i have to get the heavyiest sound i can get out of my amp?
Death metal/hardcore.
help please
Schecter Damien special. ♥
Pod X3 Live. ♥
^^^, One winning combination.
All you'll get is fizz and harsh piercing highs with that setup...
That pedal sounds TERRIBLE, sorry brah, you'll need something else.
Just so I'm not being a total dick:
Roll off the treble to tame some of the fizz.
DO NOT SCOOP MIDS, that sounds like shiat.
use volume knob on guitar to control gain...don't crank it up too high