Hi guys,

as a gamer and working in the games-industry, I was wondering what you think of amBX and its possible future. I had a long discussion this morning with a co-worker on the subject who seems to be sceptic about it (for the record, he was sceptic when the Wii first came out about wether people would buy it all).
I would put this is the gamingthread but I think its a topic in itself

for those that don't know:
amBX is an entertainment system developed by Philips to enhance gaming-immersion. Its a force feedback controller with a surround sound set-up, a fan for weather effects, lights for extra light effects (to colour your room to the colour of the game-setting), and some more features.
(more info here: http://www.ambx.com/videos)

Do you think this will enhance your gaming experience in general, and how much would you willing to pay for it, provided you think it does?

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not exaclty. its an ambilight combined with a bunch of other sensory stuff. basically you get the whole fancy pack all in one. im still waiting to try one before i give my opinion.
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this space is for rent. PM me for rates
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I wouldn't pay anything for it unless I had every game I wanted and it was given to me for free, so yeah.