How about nylon stringed guitars?

I'm looking to spend around £200 GBP on a classical guitar to play the likes of Django Reinhartd, Gogol Bordello, Tommy Emmanuel.

Any ideas? I'm clueless when it comes to classical guitar brands/models.

Well, the less expensive Django Reinhart model is, I think, about 300 GBP. I don't believe it's from a US-based company, so there shouldn't be too much of an upcharge buying it out of the States. That's the easiest option, assuming you can wait and save up.

I'm not sure Django always used nylon strings. He often used an archtop, which has a mellower sound but projects much less than a flat top. I'd say that any fingerstyle guitar with mahogany back and sides (and maybe a wider string spacing) should get you pretty close, and the rest comes down to string selection and playing style.
Emmanuel is famous for using steel strung Maton Dreads.
Django Reinhart is famous for using macaferri styled guitars which are nothing like classicals in sound and basically all modern copies of Macaferri's are strung with steel strings, so I am not sure why you are looking nylon stringed guitars at all.