The vocals come in at about 50 seconds, and Marco is the blonde singer who you see singing first.
How does one go about learning to do this vocal style? I literally can't touch anywhere near that kind of tone or pitch. I know I won't sound exactly like that but I want to emulate that kind of style, I'll probably be getting singing lessons in a couple of months but any stuff I can do as groundwork would be nice.

Oh, and as a side note: is it likely to be difficult finding a teacher that can teach me that sort of style? Or is that fairly normal for them?

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks guys
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Damn, that guy's a good singer. Find your range first. I'm gonna guess and say your range is lower than his. Try singing his parts an octave lower, just stay within your own range. And practice a wide vibrato.

I don't think a good teacher would have any trouble helping you with that.
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Not my kind of music, but man... does he resonate on those long notes. I would definitely suggest taking lessons. Trying to emulate that sound on your own is not going to do much good at all, and will probably end up badly damaging your voice. I don't think many voice teachers will start you off with that kind of sound, but if you took lessons, there's a much better chance that you'll learn to hit notes like that. He also sings a dangerous style of music very well, pretty good technique for a metal singer. Watch the easiness and relaxed nature in his body compared to the keyboard singer. One of them is going to keep their voice for a lot longer.
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Watch the easiness and relaxed nature in his body compared to the keyboard singer. One of them is going to keep their voice for a lot longer.


Definitely lessons. What you are looking for is everything that good technique teaches you - projection, range, purity of tone. There's not really any difference between what he is doing and what someone like Pavarotti is doing.

But if that's the case, why do they sound so different? Because they're two different people! Why do I make a point of saying this? Because you're a different person too, so when you learn to sing with good technique, you could wind up sounding more like Pavarotti than Marco. Or you could wind up sounding like neither of them. You can't make your voice sound like anyone else's, just like you can't make a Strat sound like a Les Paul.

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I don't know if Daniel Gildenlow has good technique... maybe extraordinary technique! Yeah, that performance blew my mind, and I don't even really listen to that style of music.
Yeah, he makes me proud to be Swedish haha . I think he took singing lessons when he went to music collage, but apparently all that he learnt there was that he was already doing everything right.