I am looking for some feedback on this black metal song I have been working on. I have been in a rut compositionally and have been trying to churn out something worthwhile. The idea is for it to mostly be ambient/atmospheric black metal. My main inspirations come from bands like Wolves in the Throne Room, Darkthrone, and Dark Funeral.

Feel free to be as critical as you want. For the record, a lot of it is repetitive; however there will be a lot of vocals to compensate. If you feel the need, go ahead and edit the Guitar Pro file with any suggestions.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, something went wrong with the channel mixing; so somethings may not sound completely accurate. The synth over the ambient/rain tracks are also not representative of the synth tone I will have; its just there cause its all I can use really.

Any worthy comments will receive comments back!
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You started off nice, but you lost when the drums came in

- Drums suck. Totally. The song can be very good with better drums.
Would you guys mind clarifying why they suck? In terms of black metal they're fairly experimental (if that is the right word).
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I really don't care for BM, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

As others have said, the drums are abysmal. It sounds like a kid who got his first drumset and he's hitting everything in sight. I like the intro. Really atmospheric and creepy. It does drag on just a little bit too long for my taste though. I'm really big into melody, and I get bored of choral-style chord changes. I liked the guitars at the B section. The time changes kept it interesting too. C I wasn't so fond of. You think you have the guitars going fast enough? Section E was much better. It had the creepy melody in the acoustic guitar it just fit so well. Again, not fond of F. I realize it will be better with the vocals, but as an instrumental it is utterly uninteresting. The addition of the synth chords at G made it much better. I would have added them earlier.

Overall I guess it's good if you're in to black metal, but not really my thing.

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I like everything except the drums. I love black metal but yeah not only are the drums not experimental in any way, they don't fit at all. It's random noise that doesn't add anything to the rest of the parts and in fact takes a way. Revise the drums completely and you will have a cool song
Ur not using Hi-Hats, splashes anything. Also fills are ridiccolous.
Simple good sounding fills are better than experimental with no sense.
Using low tom with snare is stupid, or atlast when it's on main riff.