Hey Pit, long time since I've posted a thread here.

Right, I've got this Journalism assignment where I have to write a magazine feature on the human body and issues relating to it. The article needs to have an interesting angle on the subject. I have to interview people, but I can do that via e-mail.

Basically, the ideas I have so far are:

'Ageing, is there really that much to worry about?' where I will interview my mum and her mum, one about what it was like becoming old/is like being old, and the other on her fears and feeling about ageing.

'Weakened Senses' including my girlfriend who has glasses, and my taid who is hard of hearing but refuses a hearing aid. Haven't really got an angle for this one, but there is something in people with weakened senses refusing help, and therefore not wanting to admit they have a problem.

Now pit, I would like you to come up with some ideas while I slave away with a pen to also think of some. If you feel that you yourself are relevant to your idea, then also say whether it would be possible for me to conduct an email interview with you.

Now, I'm hoping that the pit can pull together for this, at least partly.

TL;DR suggest issues with the human body so I can write a journalistic piece on one of them.

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I say do a part on ED
And no you cannot interview me (because I don't have it, I just think its hilarious).
In the spirit of having to be something like a sports related thing, Do a part about a torn ligament from f***ing too hard.
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Grion strain, in relation to the everyday commute to/from work/school and how it affects social interaction.
ED, boobs and groins. This is much of what I expected :P

Come on guys, I know there are some good ideas out there somewhere.
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How about scarring, skin imperfections, the whiteness of teeth and other issues that are held close to the hearts of the vain? Sure the subjects have already been written to death but it plays on insecurites and sells magazines dammit.

Essentially our health in general is on a downwards slope after our teens so you could write about any aspect of it.

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