I live in Australia, and due to the Aus dollar being around $.93US, I'm considering buying pedals from the US ebay and selling on the AU ebay.
A quick example on prices... Buy a TS9DX for $157AU inc. postage to AUS, they're going for $260AU on australian ebay... in theory i could make around $100 per pedal if this works... only thing is I'm not guaranteed buyers and because I'm using my own money, i don't know whether it's worth the risk.
Thoughts/opinions/ideas on whether it's too risky and if i do do it, what pedals are popular that i would have less trouble in selling on aus ebay.
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look on aus ebay and see whats selling... if you buy a few pedals at once from the US you could get shipping discounts. thats a lot of profit and i'd atleast give it a try
I've seen a mxr carbon copy.. can get for $170AU inc. postage.. and only 1 selling on AU ebay for $350AU.. not bad.
I kind of want to only buy 1 or 2 for this first time considering I'm using my own money and don't have a job.
If you are certain you won't make a loss then go for it. At worst you have waisted a bit of your time , at best you might make $100A a pedal profit

One thing to be careful of though is that you can get connected to a pedal.. I bought a MINT Ibanez Ts9 for £40 and a Russian muff Pi for £30 to sell on ...They are both on my Pedal board now
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Hahaha yeah well i don't think that'll happen, I'm gonna get a MXR carbon copy for $160AU inc. postage, it's selling for $340+$20AU postage on aus ebay.. i can make like nearly $200 on that pedal, there's only 1 other on aus ebay as well... and i don't intend on taking it out of the packaging let alone getting attached.
And at worst I'm down $160AU + my time man :P
At best, I'm up $200!
I think I'll go for it.. if it works, i might invest in buying 2 or 3 and selling them too... this will help on my quest to save up for my new computer.
Are you kidding? I got my TS9DX from US eBay for $116AUD, including postage. New, they go for well over $300AUD on Australian eBay. Go for it.
Yeah i just bought the carbon copy for $160AU inc postage, i will sell for around $340AU.. maybe more depending on how much they cost in stores..
I'm testing the waters buying 1, but if it works I'll buy 3 or 4 next time from 1 guy to save on shipping and sell em all.. make like $150 off each.. thats $400-$600 right there. BAM
You're best working with more popular pedals, too. Things like BOSS, EHX (think Big Muffs and the like), MXR, Tubescreamers, wah pedals, much more likely to sell.
Yeah i was considering the TS9DX.. could make a hundred or so off them.. and big muffs maybe make $50-$100.
If this goes smoothly, I'll buy some more.. i don't wanna buy extreeeeemely popular pedals because there's too many other people on AU ebay to contend with that way, so if i get things where there's only a few on AU ebay then the chances someone will buy mine are much more likely.
Having said that, only like 2 TS9DX's though which is nice.
id say it dpeend how much you have to start up... can you afford buying 1000/2000 $ on pedals are not selling them for another 2 month. if your not short on cash .. then you should go .

that said .. theres a lot of money to made for sure . the aud is crazily overprice .. but you have to get stuff thats gonna sell for sure . big muff , overdrives . the most popular brands .
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Yeah, i don't have 1-2K to spend no... i don't know why waiting a few months would increase the price though.. but yeah If this goes well i'll buy some more.. it sure is a good way to make a few hundred, just as long as you're market is buying./
Best bet would be to buy things that you would want anyway. That way if you don't find a good enough buyer you could keep them. Also if you buy a few at a time, chances are that overall you'll make a profit. Also if you keep making good sales your rating will go up.

Also buy popular brands/pedals so you have easy sells.
This is a good way to make money, only thing is it's like.. I'll be broke for a few weeks till i receive + sell the pedals.. then I'll have more money.
I don't wanna buy small things that I'll only make like $20 off, not worth the effort.. only gonna get bigger things that i can make at least $100 off
Make sure the import duty isn't too much! I paid for a pedal from the USA thinking i'd got it £20 cheaper - the duty made it go up to the normal UK price!
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I have no idea how much it is.. and i have no idea how they'd charge me for it.. I've imported pedals and stuff before and never had to pay more than the actual price.
I think I'll get this pedal, then sell it, then before i transfer the money from paypal to my bank I'll buy 2 more with the paypal money so it's like auto paid for.. then sell those 2.. then put that money in bank.. should be like.. $500 or so up from 3 pedals.
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Yeah, because Obama should be able to fix the economy in a couple months no sweat right?

To avoid being totally off topic, buying pedals within Australia sucks.
braydz - To say it is ENTIRELY his fault is the stupidest thing I've read on these forums. But still, I'm happy enough getting my pedals cheap.
give it a shot man... start small and if it works you've just found a great way to fund your GAS!
You could always be a complete middle man douche, and sell pedals you don't actually have, then buy them and give your customer's address as the shipping location. I consider that borderline ethically, but legally its fine. That way there's no risk, you don't buy until AFTER its sold.
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Wow that's actually a pretty smart idea tubetime... although I'd have to change my ebay address every time i sent something and I'm also not sure whether they look at that address or my paypal address but that could work... make an ebay ad for say a TS9... someone buys.. then i buy it from US.. only thing is people who receive it may be like "why does it say it's from america when i bought from aus" and why it took so long and why the senders name is different.
Also if someone buys from me they assume i have the product.. if i then go and buy and the guy doesn't ship it then I'm busted... I think it would be fine though as i know what types to buy from.. also this way I'm not out of pocket because if no one buys, i don't have the product anyway so. Great idea.
Yeah its also against the ebay terms of service if Im not mistaken. be careful.
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Is it? Are you sure, because the guy above said it was legal so... if it's not let me know and i won't do it.
there's a difference between rule of law and rule of e-bay... they might ban your account if you're busted, but it's not lke they can fine you or send you to jail.

i personally have no clue as to e-bay's stance on the matter
Oh well if worst they can do is ban my account then meh, that's fine.
I won't say anything, + get it shipped first class international so it's around same time as standard australian post.. but if they ask why name is diff and it's international I'll say i have a warehouse that i get all my stuff shipped from.. seems fair enough.
had some mxr carbon copies and some tube screamer ts9DX's up for a day or 2 and not 1 water or buyer... should i be looking at different products? I've mainly gone for the ones that there are the least of on aus ebay and that are priced the highest.
Two things. First of all, check completed listings to make sure the pedals are really selling for that price. Also, I would get two different accounts, one for buying, one for selling. Otherwise people might check your status and realize they could just buy from where you buy from.
2 accounts would be too annoying, if they want they can buy from where i buy from but for some reason people still don't feel comfortable buying overseas.. and most people look at see 100% feedback and don't bother looking at the actual feedback.
How would i check completed listening to see what prices people are actually buying for?
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How would i check completed listening to see what prices people are actually buying for?

Dude I think you need to get to grips with ebay before you start selling stuff.
Also don't forget google http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+do+i+check+completed+listings+in+ebay
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Oh nah i know how to sell on ebay, have been for years.. just didn't really understand what you mean but i checked ages ago.
People have sold some for the prices I'm selling for, and because i have a few in stock I'm saying i hope it influences them to buy.
Any other ways i can get people to buy? Here's an example of one i have.
It's only been a day or 2 but i have around 5-10 on the view counts.. it only counts 1 per person so atleast 8 or so different people must have checked it out... and yet none has sold, i know it's still early days but if i don't have any buys in 48 hours I'm gonna find the cheapest AUS price there is and go $15 under it.. that way, if i sell more it at least makes up for the fact that they're cheaper.
Good idea or just leave as is?
ok, i believe this thread has gone on long enough considering that (1)TS has his answer, and (2)this has nothing to do with gear besides selling the shit... which sounds a bit like spam to me at his point.
No harm in leaving it open.
By the way, went and checked all cheapest prices (within reason) and went $10-$20 under it.. already have 1 person watching my carbon copy for $330