In my jackson rr3 there is a dent in the top of the guitar and it has cracked the finish, how do you fix this?
or don't i have anything to worry about? cheers.
when i dropped my bass with the blass gloss finish a good chunk of the gloss came off. i used black nailpolish. put it on, let it dry, and put it on again. keep putting on coats until its even and thats about it.

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Just keep telling yourself "It adds character!"

soon you will have convinced yourself that it's not a problem

edit: someone beat me to it.. lol
Depending on the chip, dent, ding, crack and finish denotes how it can be fixed. I have had great luck with fingernail polish on black guitars myself some repairs just have disappeared after a little wet sanding and polishing. I have had pretty much the same luck with clear as long as the color underneath didn't get damaged. I use either clear poly or believe it or not CA (superglue) I got that tip from Stewart MacDonald. A lot of people will tell you it gives your guitar character IMO that's bull it make a nice guitar look like sh*t. You can't keep every guitar perfect but I sure in hell try.

Can you post a pic of the crack/dent?

x2 on posting a picture. Often times minor dings, chips, and dents aren't anything to worry about unless the look of it bothers you. Cracks are hit or miss depending on how deep it runs.

When I chipped a piece of the finish on my LP I was absolutely terrified.

I took the chipped off part and took a piece of adhesive tape and stick it on the guitar. Now I'm used to it and It's kinda like a part of my guitar. Nothing to worry about.
Can't stand a really mint guitar. Then you will be all crying when you first dent it. In reality it's just personal and adds character as mentioned above! It adds the feeling that it's "your instrument"
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I came home from work the other day and my roommate's cat had gotten in my room and knocked my guitar off its stand. Put a nice dent in it and chipped up the finish a bit... My poor roomie looked like he was going to cry when he told me. I told him it was a just a crap Squier and a dent was the least of its problems. I think the silly boy thought it was a made of gold or something!

Honestly, I wouldn't worry unless a tuner or the bridge or something got messed up. You can't live in a bubble.
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