OK, well I've already decided that I'm going to get a strat within the next year. I like the feel, the tone, etc.

But- there's just so many!

I'm going to go with an American, and an SSS, but one thing I don't understand are all the differences between the Standard and Deluxe. Could you please help me understand all the differences and why those differences make it better than the standard? And, in your opinions, do you think that the difference is worth 500 dollars more? Thanks in advance!

They have different/arguably better pickups, have the S1 switching so you can get like humbucker tones or out of phase tones (depending on the guitar though, some you get other stuff, go on the website and look) out of two single coils, so its really versatile. Not to mention they have locking tuners and I think its made out of better wood, but I'm not too sure.
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the Deluxe has s1 switching,Locking tuners from I think sperzel, higher quality wood, and that all i could think of ATM.
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The tremolo arm has no colored plastic tip and no threaded end. It's just a chrome bar.

Just another little thing. I love my American Standard though; $500 wouldn't make it any better for me.
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the bridge is different as well. the deluxe has all stainless components w a solid saddle bridge the american has bent saddles which are not as good and i dont know if they are stainless or not.
I've talked a lot about the difference between them many times before, but to recap with a bit of quick copy&pasting:

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To expand on the Standard/Deluxe differences:

Common differences are:
  • The Deluxe series are made of the same higher grade wood that the Custom Shop instruments have. Standards are made of a slightly lower grade wood (though still significantly higher grade than the wood used in Highway One and MIM Fenders).
  • The Deluxe neck join has a carved heel for better fret access.
  • The Deluxe models have locking tuners.
  • The Deluxe have the S-1 switch (which by the way is an amazing feature and should be put on every singlecoil guitar in the world). This effectively doubles your tone options and makes the guitar switchable from SSS/HSS to HHH and evey combination inbetween.
  • The American Deluxe bridge has a pop-in arm and block saddles, compared to the screw-in arm and bent saddles of the Am Standard bridge.
  • The finish options obviously are different.
  • Standard series have a slightly thinner finish coat than the Deluxe models.
  • The necks on Standards are tinted slightly darker, new Deluxe models' necks are barely tinted at all.
  • The Deluxe SSS and HSS are always alder, the Standard SSS and HSS both come in a 'Sienna Sunburst' finish that is on an ash body, usually costs $100/£90 more. Ash weighs more, has a slightly bright tone and sustains a bit better, as well as looking prettier. Fender does make a Deluxe model with an ash body but it is sold as a different instrument (rather than the ash Standards which are sold as just a finish variation)
  • Deluxe models have abalone inlays, Standards have regular cream/black plastic inlays

More in-detail differences are:
  • The Deluxe HSS has a Fender Diamondback humbucker, two Samarium Cobalt Noiseless pickups which are wound slightly hotter than usual, and an LSR roller nut.
  • The Deluxe SSS has three regular-output Samarium Cobalt Noiseless singlecoil pickups, a no-load tone control (normal tone control from 0-9 and at 10 it clicks off entirely as if it's not even in the circuit) and a basic corian nut.
  • American Standard SSS has three nameless Fender singlecoil pickups and a 'delta-tone' tone control (similar to the no-load tone control of the SSS Deluxe but allows unusually high output on the bridge pickup).
  • American Standard HSS has two unique custom-staggered Fender Tex-Mex singlecoils and one Fender Diamondback humbucker pickup. Unlike the other Standard and Deluxe models, the HSS Standard has just regular tone controls rather than anything special.

Generally speaking the Deluxe has about £300-£400 worth of superior parts and usually only costs £100 more than the Standard, not to mention things like the S-1 switch, better quality wood and better fret access that the Deluxe have that the Standards can never have. Especially in the case of the HSS, since that also gets a LSR roller nut, the Deluxe is a bargain. Over here, a Deluxe HSS costs just £50 more than the Standard HSS in Sienna Burst - so for just £50 more you get the S-1 switch, better wood, better fret access, locking tuners, better bridge and a roller nut. It's amazing why anyone would bother with the Standard series guitars now.

So there you go!
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i agree with mr flibble above, not much more to say. i am fortunate enough to have both, i had my standard for almost 20 years before getting a deluxe.

the deluxe has now taken over as my regular guitar, it is an HSS with SC hot pickups, flamed maple top and an ebony fret board, locking tuners etc. it took a few months to 'bond' with, but now i just love the feel and tonal range that i get from it.
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here is a pic of my american deluxe ash strat

you can take the stickers off now................

I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes.
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Getting my american standard in 1 week.. can't wait

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