ok, first off, I know a lot of people prefer to stay away from modeling amps, and that's fine.
but here's the problem; whenever I play the E and A strings on my Epi SG, there's a lot of noise on the clean channel.
it's kind of a static or scratchy sound, and I've tried changing the EQ, but it didn't help much.
it's only at high volumes (it's a 75 watt combo) and only on the clean channel (if it is on the dirty channel, I can't tell through the distortion)
also, if it matters, I play in Eb and with the stock bridge pup

EDIT: I used to play with a Strat w/ a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails in the bridge and never had the problem.
it's sounds like you may be causing it to clip, turn down your guitars volume knob a bit and see if that helps.
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