Hi. This is my first tab submission at UG. I was playing around with the phrygian dominant scale and came up with a few riffs. It's quite a departure from what I normally do

Tell me what you think.
Egyptian revenge.gp5
Guthrie Govan = Guitar Genius
Very plain, there's more octaves than that you know.

It might work as small sections as part of a larger more progressive song, but for now it's pretty plain. I dislike the slides too.
Being honest, I actually liked those few riffs. They have a real "Carcassy" feel to it.
Keep going at it. From what I hear in the riffs you're not after like a 'super heavy' type of sound which every tom dick and harry tries to achieve by making things faster and adding more notes. It's simple and it has a cool sound.
I say stick some drums and some bass that doesn't follow the guitar in and see where the riffs go.