So the iTunes 9 update has corrupted my ipod to the extent of essentially killing it.

This has happened to a number of other people. As things stands it looks like our ipods are beyond repair.

I'm hoping to warn others before they suffer the same fate we have...
wait what?

I have a 120gb ipod classic, i have updated itunes but not plugged the ipod into the computer, may just leave it until this is sorted.
I've updated to itunes 9 and plugged my 80gig classic in several times. works fine
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I've updated to itunes 9 and plugged my 80gig classic in several times. works fine

This. You should call Apple and demand Great Justice.
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I have been to the apple shop and sat down with a (stupid) 'Genius', been on the phone to apple and everything. I'm also out of warranty so the only way this will get resolved is if i find a solution myself, apple do for everyone.

Also i wasn't saying that this happens to every user of a classic ipod but it has to many. Thus you're better off sticking with itunes 8 to not risk it.

I also guarantee that apple will not provide me with great justice. They don't give a stuff about ipod users, only 'real' apple products.


says it all