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My friend is looking for a new electroacoustic for his birthday. Budget is around £500 and he's asked me for advice. I don't know much about them so was hoping people here would be able to help out.


Whats he mostly looking for?
Looks or Sound?
why doesnt your friend post on here himself?
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He's looking for sound.

He didn't post here himself because he called me today asking for a recommendation, I didn't know so I came on here. He's inconsequential to this exercise. If you read what I was actually asking I said, my friend seeks an electroacoustic for £500, asked me for advice and i didn't know. So i was was the one asking you not my friend. There's two ways we can go with this randomtom. Either you help me out on what was a quite simple question or you can be a smartass. Your choice.