'87 Ibanez 540R Radius
Excellent condition considering the age. All original, completely stock with the DiMarzio made IBZ USA pickups, original Edge trem, Ultra neck, and original Ibanez hardshell case. Made in Japan. Few tiny dings in body and two small chips in headstock (pictured). For those that don't know, this is the predecessor to the JS Series a.k.a Satriani signature model. This was the model Joe played before he got his signature series. This guitar sounds and plays great and I hate to let it go but I won a PRS on eBay and have to pay for it somehow :-0

$550 shipped & PP'd in CONUS.

Free Bump for an awsome deal.
These are almost impossible to find, and when you do find them they always look like they were molested by a grizzly bear. Heck, I've seen original edge tremolos selling for $300 on evilbay.
These were an awesome 'shredder' instrument and definitely worth what this guy is asking for it. If I didn't have so many other projects going on now, I would definitely buy this.
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