Hey guys
I know your going to think "What a stupid question , he uses loads of pedals" , but along with distortion , what gives Dave Gilmour that epic amazing tone like for Comfortably numb? Is it reverb or delay more that works along side his overdrive/distorion for that really epic tone?

Again , sorry for the 'stupid' question.
Cheers guys!
He uses a Delay and a Fuzz. Check out the Gilmourish website, that has alot of info on Gilmour's gear.
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D. Persuade a bystander (or hit him with your bloody stumps until he relents) to call a mate to do the cutting and surgery.

E. Invest in a lot of very expensive equipment.

You'll then probably start to sound like him. Sorry mate, it's all about the feeling, not the effects, with Gilmour.
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tone comes from more then just gear

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Cranked Hiwatt 100W head, Ram's Head Big Muff, Fender Strat. That will get you really close.

For those of you who can't differentiate between style and tone, please refrain from posting. There's a difference between the texture of a sound and the skill/phrasing involved in making said sound.

EDIT: TS, in terms of other effects, Gilmour would use chorus, flanger, and delay. I'm not sure what chorus he had, but he often used an EHX Electric Mistress and an MXR Digital Delay live for the Wall. Check the Gilmourish site posted earlier if you're that curious. However, the only things used on the CN solo were the things I posted above, and maybe some reverb and short slapback delay.
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also, during the solo and the solo in young lust he uses an electric mistress.
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Practice some SRV and a bit of Jeff Beck, and remember when playing his stuff that you should use your index finger as the fulcrum, meaning your thumb should NOT be in the back of the neck, but near wrapping around the top of it. This will allow your to slam your fingers into the strings with the same angle and force that gilmour does, but be careful, he frequently switches in and out of blues position for legato runs to be melodic. Listen and play until it sounds similar.
Thanks very much for the replies guys!
Yeah sorry , probably should of said , im trying to get Dave Gilmours SORT of tone.
I really dig that epic solo sound
I have a Procorat and multi effects , but i think im going to get a digital delay pedal.
Would a proco rat and digital delay pedal help achieve that kind of epic solo sound?


Also , what other stompbox would be a good way to go to achieve it?

The rat would probably be pretty good for
getting an epic solo sound. An overdrive can help as well. What amp is all this runnin through?

I find a touch of reverb to go with your delay on a solo can really
sweeten the whole thing up.
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For "The Wall" he used an MXR digital delay, but they no longer produce it.

I don't think a Proco Rat will be particularly close to David's tone, but it'd be great if you wanna sound like yourself. If you can find one, however, a Ram's Head Big Muff would be spot on. A regular NYC Big Muff would be fine, though.

As for an overdrive, maybe look into an Ibanez TS808 or a Maxon OD808, or a DigiTech Bad Monkey or Dano Transparent OD on the cheap.

As for delay, check out the Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy, or a Malekko Ekko 616. If you decide to go digital, go for the Tech 21 Boost DLA, DigiTech Hardwire DL-8, or the TC Electronic Nova Repeater.
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Remember also that he mostly used Gibsons in the studio. Listen to the first parts of Shine On and then listen to the completely different tones in the closing parts. Listen to Animals and I bet you can pick out which bits were on a Strat and which were on a Les Paul (and which were not Gilmour)
Getting that tone from a Strat, live on stage is simple. Set up four 100w Hiwatt stacks with WEM bottoms (with Crescendos) and Hiwatt top cabs (with specially made Fanes) and you're almost there. Add in pedals and his simple but effective style and you have it.
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It's a good question. It's pretty easy to get the 'epic solo' sound (delay is the single big factor) but there's many different types. getting a good amp tone you're happy with is the crucial bit, once you've got that you can use different pedals and effects to get the sound just right.

Can you list all the gear you currently use? I'll suggest some ways to get the most out of it.