Without A Reason

With out a reason to go on, you hang your head
Under the bridge you sit and sigh
And all those songs we used to sing
All the moments and now you heave
Your breath as time keeps killing by

The fire was there but you didn’t care
You claim the lighter was more important
Oh and how I just loved the games you played
How you would kiss
All of them!
Oh and, how I just loved how you made love
In front of me

You blame ... you blame
It’s my fault ... it’s my fault
You scream ... you claim
It’s my fault ... it’s my fault
Will I tried ... well guess what
And I see you two ... I see you two
I know ... and I know
That I don’t deserve you
You’re just coming at me with the back of your hand

I sit here every night, making calls waiting on you
You’re just getting drunk, having fun, throwing up
Just like every time, I’ll just try, to keep it from my mind
Oh what should I do, you’ve messed this up, now were through

I’ll never forget it
It wasn’t worth it
Yes I’ll never forget this
How you threw the dog a bone
Just to smack her with your car
Laying so limp in the rain
Is this your way of showing your heart?
So get away your just a dying faze
Tonight you have gone to far
Alexis Divine

If my heart is stone then you're Medusa