I have a Epiphone Les Paul, I just started playing seriously a bit more than a year ago so I was able to just play without any amp or plug into my keyboard amp (I've played that forever). I have found however, that it really sucks to not be able to have any effects or even the ability to alter the tone very much that comes with a direct plug-in to my keyboard amp.

I'm a college student so I don't have much cash on hand, and I have seen people play through just a Zoom effects pedal with headphones (like $150?) and they claim to get a pretty good sound for practicing, which is all I'm looking for.

Is hooking up just through an effects pedal worth spending the money? Or should I just go with a cheaper guitar amp?
keyboard amps get a beautiful clean tone imo. its really up to you. Id say keep keyboard amp and get a multi fx pedal or build a stomp box pedal board. Keyboard amps have a nice dynamic range and take pedals very nicely as you will see with a bit of experimentation
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Vox tone lab
Vox ac50
satches time machine
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Money towards this gear = $0.00

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I'd suggest the Roland Micro Cube, it's awesome, cheap and doesn't take much space.
A keyboard amp is perfect for hooking up to a multifx pedal. Check craigslist. Two Pod XT's have been on mine in the last 3 weeks for $100 or less.