Hi! So I bought an Ibanez RGR321ex, and got the frets done really nicely so that I could get the action nice and low. I usually play in Drop C, so I got 13-56 strings cuz I like when they feel really solid and dont flap around.. and I get this reaaaally weird buzz kinda sound on the 3rd string on 12th fret.. It kinda sounds almost as if it would go up in pitch when I pick the note.. and it dies really fast. there is no fret buzz when playing clean, I even had raised the action like really high just in case.. and heres the interesting part(maybe just for me, cause I'm not playing the guitar for a really long time)... if I downtune the string a whole step, the buzz just goes away.. and the note gains sustain.. It just seems really weird to me. Could it be the gauge of the string? Would it maybe sound normal if I get a little bit lighter strings? ..and sorry If my english isnt that good
well, I was scared to go a whole step up, because I think the string might break, but I did go a half step up, and the note on the 12th fret seems to get better and also gain sustain, but the same note as before that is now at 11th fret is sounding weird.. I hope I didnt write this all weird and you will understand me.